What is a Company Profile on Embracing Future Potential?

Written by EFP

One of our most popular services on the Embracing Future Potential Network is our company profiles. Each of our five unique sites has company profiles sections where employers can show their support and dedication to a particular group of jobseekers or equality, diversity and inclusion in general. 

What is a Company Profile? 

A company profile is the easiest way to showcase yourself on our site. In addition, our profiles act as a directory for all the businesses who have joined our network and champion the careers and employment values that we promote and stand for. 

Jobseekers use our company profiles to find which employers are currently seeking out candidates like them and take active steps to support them as job seekers. Your profile allows you to show job seekers what your organisation is about and how you are showing your support to your staff and employees. If you aren’t currently hiring, having a profile is a great and easy way to show that you are an organisation that supports early careers candidates and diverse job seekers. 

What is on Your Profile? 

The point of a profile is to show others what your business does and how you aim to support a particular set of jobseekers. Each of the following unique features enables you to do that: 


  • Name 
  • Contact information 
  • Website 
  • Industry tags 


  • Short one-line description 
  • Longer description 
  • Social media links 

Images and Videos 

  • Company logo 
  • Company video 

Other features 

  • Display feed of any of your live jobs on our site 
  • Display feed of featured articles 
  • Your business’s inclusivity statement 

There are also site-specific features that you can read about by visiting the services pages on each of our five websites. 

How Much is a Company Profile?  

We have three types of company profiles: Free, Basic and Premium. And each type allows you to list a different amount of information. 

  • Free profile (No cost) 
  • Basic profile (£99/year, renews at £149 after your first year) 
  • Premium profile (£149/year, renewing at £299 after your first year) 

These prices are for one profile on one of our sites. However, we know that each business has different needs, and you may be interested in showing your organisation on more than one of our sites. So if you want more than one profile, get in touch to hear our mix and match packages.   

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