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Information and guidance on apprenticeships and technical education

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COVID-19 has hit those under 25 more than any other age group. Employing an Apprentice was born out of the need for more jobs and skills training for young people, to help tackle the high levels of youth unemployment. Like the government, we believe that the way to rebuild the economy is through apprenticeships and technical education.

Employing an Apprentice is a much-needed resource hub to educate both jobseekers and employers on apprenticeships, their benefits and how they work. Our site has all the information a jobseeker needs to find an apprenticeship that’s right for them. As well as all the information for an employer to start hiring apprentices.

We believe strongly in the value of technical and vocational education. Which is why Employing an Apprentice is also a place for employers to show their commitment to apprenticeships; having a company profile on our site is a straightforward way to show your support for alternative early career routes. Jobseekers can immediately identify which businesses are dedicated to providing jobs for young people with a whole range of backgrounds and experiences.

Using our Apprenticeship Standards Search Tool employers and jobseekers can search through the 500 apprenticeship standards to see the vast array of careers, jobs and industries available to young people through apprenticeships. We are dedicated to fighting the stereotypes which suggest apprenticeships are only for a niche selection of non-academic subjects.  Our Search Tool shows the endless possibilities of technical education.

This Search Tool connects to our live apprenticeships board so that once a jobseeker has found and read about an apprenticeship that’s right for them, they can immediately see the various employers offering that apprenticeship across the UK. Our apprenticeships board is a unique jobs board as it focuses only on apprenticeships, providing all the details an apprentice will need. Such as the employer, training provider, apprenticeship level, and length of the programme.

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Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service

We provide a free matching service to help facilitate the transfer of your excess apprenticeship levy funds with ease and support other employers to provide additional training opportunities.

Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Service

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