Diversity Job Advertising: Ultimate Guide

Written by Nicola Wylie

Data shows that there still needs to be more representation in the UK workforce. In 2022, the employment rate for ethnic minorities was just 62.8%, while women make up only 19.7% of board members. To address this, employers must do more to attract, retain, and promote staff from underrepresented groups. This starts with diversity job advertising.

Reaching a wider talent pool allows organisations to connect with skilled applicants from diverse backgrounds. And while they may not fit traditional criteria, they have the transferable skills to excel in a range of roles.

This employers’ guide covers everything you need to know about diversity job advertising and where to advertise diverse jobs.


What Is Diversity Job Advertising?

Diversity job advertising is the practice of promoting job roles in a way that actively seeks candidates from diverse backgrounds. The aim is to build a more inclusive workplace that represents a broader demographic, particularly those from underrepresented groups. 

A stellar diversity job advertising strategy typically consists of various initiatives and actions. These include:

  • Ensuring job advertisements use inclusive language and highlight the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (including a diversity statement, if applicable)
  • Posting job openings on sites that target a specific underrepresented group, such as mature workers, people with disabilities, or people from ethnic minority groups
  • Updating imagery on the company’s website and employer branding materials to represent employees from a broad group of communities
  • Using the job advertisement to highlight employee resource groups and the organisation’s commitment to amplifying their voices 
  • Including information about inclusive benefits and policies. These can include flexible working, anti-discrimination policies, and reasonable workplace adjustments

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Benefits Of Diversity Job Advertising

Before we go through the best sites to connect with diverse talent, let’s first discuss why it’s crucial. Here are five benefits of diversity job advertising for your business.

1. Reach a wider talent pool

Actively seeking candidates from diverse backgrounds gives you a broader net of candidates to tap into. This is especially advantageous in sectors with a skills shortage, as it draws your attention to talented candidates who may have slid through the net.

2. Improve workplace diversity

Unsurprisingly, attracting a more diverse pool of candidates will increase overall diversity in the workplace. And doing so leads to a host of benefits. For instance, diverse workforces better understand their customers’ needs and how to connect with them.

3. Obtain higher employee engagement

When staff members feel a strong sense of belonging, they are more likely to stay engaged. In turn, this leads to greater job satisfaction. By representing a broader demographic, you can cultivate a strong sense of belonging in your organisation. This leads to a better company culture, reduced staff turnover, and better collaboration.

4. Get a competitive advantage

In the cutthroat business world, organisations will take any advantage they can get. Interestingly, a diverse workforce offers you just that. Diverse teams are better at adapting to changing market needs and customer preferences. They can also be the secret weapon when it comes to accessing new, diverse markets.

5. Solve problems better

Research has shown that teams comprised of a wide range of perspectives and experiences are better at solving problems. This unique mix of viewpoints leads to more creative problem-solving, innovative solutions, and thoughtful decision-making.

Best Places To Advertise For Diverse Job Roles

Now that the benefits are clear, it’s time to review the five best job sites for diverse talent in the UK.

1. Race for Opportunity

Race for Opportunity is an initiative run by UK-based charity Business in the Community. It aims to address racial and ethnic inequality in the workforce by offering resources and job listings.

This site is best for employers that want to promote racial diversity, build an inclusive workforce, and connect with candidates from underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.

Race for Opportunity also hosts networking events and offers insights into racial inequality in the workplace and how to combat it.


2. Aspiring to Include

Aspiring to Include is a website dedicated to promoting workplace diversity and inclusion. It provides tools and information for employers and job seekers, promoting equality across race, gender, religion, and ability.

It’s best for employers looking to cultivate an inclusive work environment, improve diversity, and promote job roles to a wider talent pool.

The site offers a resource hub for employers, an informative blog, and advice for job seekers. There are guides on everything from training to HR policies.  It also offers bespoke employer packages that include job ad inclusivity screening, featured news articles, and advertising opportunities on its inclusive job board.

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3. Careers with Disabilities

Careers with Disabilities (CWD) specialises in promoting fair employment for people with disabilities in the UK. It aims to promote disability inclusion by offering advice, support, and job listings for employers and job seekers.

This platform is ideal for employers looking to hire more people with disabilities. The employer resource hub has a range of bespoke guides on everything from reasonable accommodations to the disability confident scheme. There’s also an informative blog with the latest news and advice on disability inclusion.

The CWD team provides employers with a range of services to help them create a disability-friendly workplace and promote diversity. This includes advertising on its disability-friendly job board.

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4. Refreshing a Career

Refreshing a Career is a UK-based job site that supports people returning to work after a career break or changing careers. The site provides extensive resources for both career changers and employers.

This site best suits organisations looking to hire career changers, mature workers, or homeless job seekers.

You can find a wealth of information on the benefits of hiring career changers, training, and funding options. The blog also gives advice and support on all things career change.

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5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a popular platform for job hunting. While it’s not specifically aimed at diverse jobs like the other examples on this list, the company reviews give powerful insights into this. 

Job seekers can read reviews to research how seriously a potential employer takes diversity and inclusion. They can also find information on salary, interview processes, and other insights to gauge how diversity-friendly the company is.


Diversity Job Advertising: Next Steps

One of the best ways to boost diversity in your workforce is to advertise in the right places. That way, you can tap into a wider talent pool and recruit people with varying skills and backgrounds. Of course, this may involve adopting inclusive recruitment practices like rethinking job criteria to attract a wider applicant pool.

We hope this guide gives you insight into some of the best job sites for diverse talent so you can take steps to become a more inclusive employer. For more free resources, browse our blog.

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