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Refreshing a Career

Support and Advice on career changing, and hiring those returning to work

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With jobs and people moving more than ever before, today’s economy is changing fast. Refreshing a Career is the essential support that the UK needs to keep people employed in the career that will help them reach their full potential.

Although unemployment had reduced in recent years, it was often replaced with unsatisfactory employment that didn’t utilise people’s skills or left people with fewer hours than they wanted. Part of this issue is the rapidly changing economy, where it is predicted that up to 35% of jobs will be replaced by automation or AI in the next 15 years.

With millions returning to work after long periods of absence, such as parental leave, a serious illness, leaving the military, or through repatriation, it is not surprising that millions are feeling left behind and in need of a career switch.

This has led to a crisis of underemployment that has pushed millions to want to retrain for a career change.

Refreshing a Career demonstrates how accessible it is to find your career change opportunity, retrain or enhance your skillset. Our website provides a wealth of useful support for career changers, such as advice for ex-military, ex-offenders, older workers, and many more, along with information about grants and schemes, job application tips, and a helpful jobs board where people can find career opportunities in companies who are committed to inclusivity.

Our advice for career changers is a valuable space for people to find specific information on moving onto the next steps at every stage in their lives.

We enable businesses and organisations to become more inclusive and make a positive impact on people’s lives with our guidance for employers. You will find useful information about the training, funding, and much more.

Our website helps people connect with employers that advocate jobs for career changers through our Company Profiles. Moreover, our Events Calendar enables businesses to stay up to date about significant awareness days and further showcase their commitment.

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