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Embracing Future Potential is your one-stop shop for jobs for a variety of jobseekers, and information and guidance on employment. We provide opportunities to those who are at risk of falling through the cracks of the UK economy and jobs market.

Our Mission

Created by a team of experienced professionals and young graduates who understand the employment difficulties of today’s economy, Embracing Future Potential aims to support both jobseekers and employers to reach their full potential.

We do this through our three core principles:


We provide a wealth of free information to help jobseekers find work, and to help employers find the candidates they need.


Through our websites we have built a community that are dedicated to supporting employment opportunities for all. By joining our network, you can be part of that community.


We connect jobseekers to employers through our custom-fit jobs boards, and network of company profiles

Each of our sites are tailored to a section of the work force who are not supported by traditional employment channels, and feature a specialist jobs board to promote opportunities to a range of jobseekers.

Our aim is to match these candidates to your business, where you can promote your ethos, job vacancies, news, and much more. We can support you to do this through:

With new job schemes, grants and employment funding available every month, Embracing Future Potential will keep you up to date. In order to help your business, thrive and support jobseekers into long-term meaningful careers.

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