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Jobseekers are at the heart of what we do at Embracing Future Potential, and are the reason we set up our five websites. We have worked hard to reach as many different jobseekers as possible, paying particular attention to those who may have previously been left behind.

Our sites support:

We support jobseekers through two distinct avenues:

Help and Advice

Through our dedicated resource guides, we help jobseekers to find meaningful careers and education opportunities. We cover everything from dealing with workplace discrimination, balancing family life, choosing a university and the gender pay gap.

Help & Advice

Find a job

As well as information and resources, our sites each have a practical space to connect jobseekers with jobs that are right for them. Our custom fit jobs boards ensure that jobseekers are looking for jobs in the right place, with employers who are dedicated to hiring and supporting their career.

Find a job

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