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Talent Acquisition vs. Recruitment: What’s the Difference?

Talent acquisition and recruitment are two different things. It's important to know the difference between talent acquisition vs recruitment because one is used for finding talent, while the other is for filling positions. This article will discuss talent acquisition vs recruitment in detail so you can decide which process is ...

October 18, 2021|Categories: General|

5 things to remember when returning to the office

As lockdown restrictions ease more and more, many employers and staff members are beginning to think about returning to the office. Many people have not worked in their office space since March 2020, which means this could be a big transition. Some people may feel excited about seeing colleagues and ...

October 11, 2021|Categories: General|

Does Your Business Attract a Diverse Range of Candidates?

One of the most important questions we believe an organisation can ask themselves is whether they are doing enough to attract a diverse range of candidates to their organisation. While you may think that you are doing all that you can to encourage people to apply by advertising a job, but in reality, ...

September 6, 2021|Categories: General|

What is a Company Profile on Embracing Future Potential?

One of our most popular services on the Embracing Future Potential Network is our company profiles. Each of our five unique sites has company profiles sections where employers can show their support and dedication to a particular group of jobseekers or equality, diversity and inclusion in general.  What is a ...

August 9, 2021|Categories: Employer|

Setting Up a Staff Network

Staff networks are an excellent way for employees to feel connected to their team and part of a support network. Whether you are a business owner, a manager, or a staff member in a large organisation, if you feel part of your identity is underrepresented in your workplace, or you feel ...

July 26, 2021|Categories: General|


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