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The Benefits of Volunteering

Many people in the UK and beyond give their time volunteering every year and this is of great benefit to not just them but to the charities that they help with. There are many different kinds of charities and they deal with everything from homelessness to animal welfare and humanitarian ...

April 18, 2023|Categories: General|

What Is an Appraisal at Work?

An appraisal at work can be one of the most nerve-wracking meetings that you will have to face in the entire work calendar. They are an annual meeting at most of the companies that utilise them and they give employers and employees alike the chance to discuss the events of ...

April 4, 2023|Categories: General|

Using the STAR Method in Job Interviews

Some people are naturally very confident and are completely unphased but job interviews can be nerve-wracking experiences for many people and they can find it difficult to articulate their thoughts on the day and perhaps become a little tongue-tied. There are techniques that can be learned to make the interview ...

March 21, 2023|Categories: General|

Dealing with Office Bullying

Office bullying is something that many workplaces struggle to come to terms with to tackle appropriately and it can be horrendous for the staff members involved, as work is such a large part of people’s lives and being miserable there is not good for their mental health. Many people who ...

March 14, 2023|Categories: General|

Top Ten Perks at Work

Sometimes in workplaces, there isn’t enough money to fund the level of pay rises that everyone would like to see, so employers have to do what they can to keep their staff happy in other ways and some of these include perks at work. These perks can differ wildly by ...

March 7, 2023|Categories: General|


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