A network of unique websites that enable employment and inclusion through information, support and connection.

Early Talent
Employing an Apprentice Logo
Information and guidance on apprenticeships and technical education
Developing a Student Logo
Assistance for students and graduates, and employers looking support early careers
Diverse Talent
Refreshing a Career Logo
Support and Advice on career changing, and hiring those returning to work
Careers with Disabilities Logo
Advice hub for people with disabilities and disability friendly employers
Encouraging diversity and inclusion at work through a wealth of resources

Our Goal

At Embracing Future Potential, we aim to provide access to employment, work-based learning and careers support for all. We focus on supporting those early in their career, and to those who face barriers to employment opportunities, such as disabled people, those returning to work, women, refugees and many others.

We have built a network of five unique websites that signpost you to the relevant information, guidance, tools and resources. Each provides employability and recruitment support, and actively connecting users to high-quality, sustainable job opportunities.

With the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic being felt across the UK, we must act now to ensure the range of skills in our workforce are not wasted. Embracing Future Potential aims to help the UK’s economy and support employers to connect with all those individuals at risk of being left behind, and in turn ensure their staff and business reach their future potential.

Find out how we can help you by visiting our pages for job seekers and for employers.

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