Embracing Future Potential has created information and guidance for four different critical stages in a person’s career. Using these four sites, we will provide opportunities to your business and every jobseeker who has been left behind by traditional employment channels.

Employing an Apprentice Logo

This site focusses on providing information and guidance for anyone looking for technical education, such as a traineeship, internship or apprenticeship. Although the information is relevant to all ages, there is a concentration on 16-24 year olds.


Developing a Student Logo

This site looks to assist those in higher education, particularly 18-24 year olds, in how to utilise their free time or to help them decide their next step once they have left university.


Refreshing a Career Logo

The essential information hub for any experienced employees considering a career change, be it a completely new career or just wanting to know how to retrain so that they can reach their future potential.


Careers with Disabilities Logo

For all disabled jobseekers to find help and support in discovering a new opportunity at businesses that are accessible. To facilitate this, there is a plethora of information on how your business can become accessible so that accessibility is never a barrier to your business or your disabled staff.