10 Post-Covid Job Growth Areas

Written by Calvin Bowers

When the pandemic hit and lockdowns happened across the UK, there were many Covid job losses and business failures despite the furlough scheme that was put in place by the Government. It is rare for such an event to happen that can wipe out so many businesses at once and it is estimated that around 400,000 UK businesses were shuttered last year alone. 

Now that we appear to be coming out of the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is growth in many sectors again with new businesses looking for employees. Many of the areas of post Covid job growth also coincide with the newfound popularity of being able to work remotely. 

Top 10 Post-Covid Job Growth Areas

Virtual Assistant

This job is the post-covid equivalent of a personal assistant and duties include things like managing the diary of the person you are assisting, sitting in on meetings they are attending (virtually) and taking notes, producing minutes and points for action. They can also include managing the boss’s email inbox and replying to people on their behalf, making reservations and screening calls. Many VA jobs can be done flexibly and easily from home and some are done on a freelance basis whereas others are full-time or part-time salaried positions. 

Software Developer

Although this position never really went away, it has become more popular as people have taken the opportunity of lockdown to retrain and re-skill in order to make the most of the possibilities offered by being fully remote. Software development is a huge and growing field worldwide and there are many opportunities in it for new entrants to work remotely for clients both in the UK and further afield. 


Now that hybrid working is becoming more accepted and normalised, people are coming back to city centre locations for work and because of this there are new barista jobs springing up in both chain and independent coffee shops. It has been a hard time for the big chains and many staff lost their jobs but now they are coming back and there are many opportunities to work as a barista at the moment, whether or not you have previous experience. 

Wait Staff / Bar Person

It isn’t just the coffee shops that are seeing a resurgence as people come back to the city centres, eateries and bars are also seeing the benefits of increased footfall and are expanding their staffing as a consequence. There are many opportunities for people who have experience in these areas and it is an employees market at the moment as there are places crying out for staff so it may be possible for experienced staff to secure a better paid job in this sector than prior to covid.

Freelance Writer

This is another area that is great for people who are looking to transition from office work to being able to work remotely on a permanent basis. People who have excellent English skills and some experience in working with Search Engine Optimisation and website content writing have an advantage while pitching for work on some of the major freelancer websites such as PeoplePerHour, Fiverr and Upwork though there are also those who are looking for entry level freelancers. 

Sales and Marketing Assistant

There are many sales and marketing positions that are available at the moment because the return to working in an office has not been to everyone’s taste and the flexibility offered by many of these positions means that they are suitable for those who wish to remain at home and do the work from there rather than return to an office or call centre environment.

Hairdresser and Beauty Therapist

Hair and beauty is an area that was hit disproportionately hard during the pandemic and there is now a period of growth in the sector. This is explained in large part by the fact that many of the events people dressed up for and would get a haircut especially for were no longer on offer during lockdown. Many weddings and other family events were cancelled and this meant that the pandemic period was very difficult for the hair and beauty sector. There is now a recovery as life opens up again and there are opportunities and job vacancies again. 

Human Resources

With many workplaces trying to rebalance and figure out how to deal with the new normal, there is a surge in demand for people with an interest in Human Resources. This trend looks to continue going forward as employers will need to take time to understand and adapt to the changing needs of their employees. HR staff will be at the forefront of the work on this side of things and will be key change makers when it comes to how businesses operate their workplaces. 

Hotel Staff

As tourism begins to return to normal, there is an increase in the number of staff required across the board at many hotels. This will include everything from reception staff to room cleaning and building maintenance people in order to ensure that the guests who are now returning to staying in hotels will be assured of the best experience possible. The hotel industry was hit hard by the pandemic with many closing or significantly reducing capacity and they will be looking to make the most of the upsurge in consumer interest, particularly over the Summer holiday season. 


While not one of the more glamorous jobs on the list, cleaning is definitely one of those that will always be in demand. Whether aimed at the domestic or enterprise sector, there is a large level of demand for this service. Many people who permanently work from home have discovered the value of having a cleaner to come in every once in a while and businesses are welcoming back regular cleaning staff to keep their premises in a suitable condition for all of the returning workers. 

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