Is Remote Work Here to Stay for all Industries? 10 Fields Permanently Going Remote

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Over the past two years, companies have shifted their working style from in-house to offering full-time remote work. During Covid-19, countries implemented strict lockdowns, hindering people from going to their office spaces. This was when most companies started operating remotely and introduced new remote jobs. Employees set up offices in their homes and started working remotely. A recent study in 2020 stated that up to 19% of UK businesses said they were going to switch to remote work completely.

Data suggests that people prefer remote working because it enhances their overall productivity. We have witnessed top industries hiring for remote work because it helps them save resources and run a company from the comfort of their homes. If you’re looking for your next remote job, our careers network is a great place to start! 

Fields Permanently Going Remote 

There are plenty of fields that are permanently going remote. You will witness fields like financial advisory and software development shifting to remote work frameworks. Here are some remote work fields shaping the working dynamics of the post-covid world. 

Software Development 

Every other industry is going remote because of the technology we have readily available. Tech companies have realised that competitors for technical talent are increasing with each passing day. With the increased availability of work-from-home arrangements, software developers have started to work for new remote jobs that are being offered to them regularly. They believe that their job doesn’t require human interaction because all they need is a system to work on. Developers now prefer doing their work from the comfort of their homes.  

Digital Marketing

Marketing companies are working on connecting businesses with buyers at the right time by enhancing their online presence. Marketing services are required by almost every other industry. Marketers believe that they can work from home for their clients as all that’s really needed is a good laptop, a great internet connection, and of course, a creative marketing mind. It’s really not a surprise that this field is permanently going remote, if it hasn’t already.

Talent Acquisition

Gone are the days when recruiters and headhunters used to call potential employees for in-person meetings. Talent acquisition Executives are now finding job seekers on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook jobs, conducting their interviews over Zoom or Google Meet, and hiring them. They are evolving their working framework and shifting it to a remote and online working environment. The people who work in this industry connect with people on online platforms and get everything done remotely.  

Financial Advisory

Financial advisors have also opted for online financial consultancies. People don’t have enough time to visit the banks, let alone financial advisors. They don’t feel the need to sit in an office space and meet clients in person when they can give all the information readily available online in order to make informed decisions and offer great financial advice to their clients. 

Graphic Designing 

One of the most talked-about remote work fields is graphic designing. The pandemic resulted in many businesses going online, and this is where the need for graphic designers also increased. People wanted their marketing companies to work with graphic designers and develop innovative online ways to target their audience. Once a graphic designer has been briefed regarding the idea and concept behind the assignment, they work like a one-person army. That is the primary reason this field is permanently going remote.   

Content Writing

This has to be the highlight of this topic. You will come across a vast range of new remote jobs for content writers. They are in high demand for almost every other organisation. You could be a tech company; you may want someone to write for you. What if you are an eCommerce business; you still want someone to work on your website’s content. Now the deal is, the people working in this field don’t have to be in an office. They can work from the other corner of the world. This field is going remote permanently with more virtual positions becoming available daily. 


People have started to say goodbye to call centres and other physical sales representation departments. Sales representatives are working from all around the world from their homes. Companies have provided them with the portals and systems they need for this job. Even sales managers have started to work remotely, schedule Zoom meetings, and close clients. Sales are expected to go remote soon permanently. 

Project Management 

The primary job of project managers is to coordinate with their team around the individual tasks and processes involved in achieving a goal. They can now schedule online conference calls and delegate tasks using platforms such as Asana. These utilities have resulted in a rapid creation of new remote jobs in the project management field. Documenting becomes even better when it is online, and you don’t have to inquire about everything physically. Project management is challenging because many responsibilities and delegation are involved, but with technology like Asana, Slack, Docs, and Zoom, this process is, quite possibly, permanently going remote.  


Some of us might remember going to academies after school and having tutors over to study, but this field is going remote. Video chatting apps and teaching software has made it easy for this field to shift to a remote working environment. The tutoring industry is widely introducing remote work fields because teachers can reach out to their students from any corner of the world. This job has flexible working hours, making it easy for the tutor and the student. 


Last but not least, we have the accounting field where we have accountants and bookkeepers who can also work remotely for companies or individuals. They don’t need to be physically in an office as they can get access to data online or over the cloud. This applies to entry-level and senior-level positions.

Given the success remote working has enjoyed, many companies are introducing new remote jobs. This framework has increased the competition as employees prefer companies offering remote jobs. This shift to remote working will be quick and beneficial for both employees and the companies as the associated technologies make this shift even more lucrative. Let us help you switch to your first, permanently remote job or switch from the one you currently have.

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