How Can Your Business Support Women’s History Month?

Written by EFP

March is Women’s History Month across the UK. As well as being a time to reflect on the impact women have had on society, it is also a time to recognise what change still needs to be made for gender equality.

As an employer, we encourage you to celebrate Women’s History Month by reflecting on the role you play in women’s equality at work. You can make a difference to women who work in your industry and for women around the world.

Supporting Women’s Charities


A straightforward way to show your support to women’s history month is to donate to a women’s charity. You could choose a charity that works in your local area. Or a charity that supports women in the industry you work for.


As well as a singular donation, you could also organise some fundraising events so that your colleagues can get involved too. Even while working remotely, there are easy and fun ways to raise money for a women’s charity. You could do sponsored walks, fancy dress zoom meetings, or hold a virtual quiz night.

Donating Resources or Products

Instead of donating money, your organisation could donate time and products to a women’s charity that needs them. For example, if you work in beauty or hygiene, you could donate any excess products to a women’s shelter. Or you could organise volunteering days where your staff offer their skills to women’s charities, or your female staff have a day to mentor female students. Get creative and think about all you have to offer.

Supporting Women in Your Business

Assess your EDI Policy

As well as supporting women in society and across the world, women’s history month is a great time to reflect on how the women in your business are treated. Create an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy that ensures women are not discriminated against in your workplace, from maternity leave to promotions. For help supporting women at work, visit our site Aspiring to Include.

Support Female Staff Networks

A staff network is a group of employees who have come together to support each other and collaborate on changing the workplace policy. Many businesses have women’s networks where female staff can support each other and organise ways to improve gender equality. If your business has one, ask how you can support It; they may need some funding, extra resources, or time out of the working day.

Create a Female Mentoring Programme

If you have the resources to do so, you could set up a female mentoring system. Female employees early in their career could be supported by more experienced colleagues. Seeing a woman who has progressed in her career to a top position, despite the many barriers, can be inspiring and helpful for young women. You could even start a placement for female students and graduates to help them get a foot in your door.

If you want more help supporting women at work, visit our guide for employers on Aspiring to Include. We have lots of helpful information which can help you tackle discrimination.

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