Embracing Future Potential Bids for Rapid Recovery Challenge

Written by EFP

We are excited to announce Embracing Future Potential has submitted a bid for the Rapid Recovery Challenge, a new work and skills prize provided by innovation foundation charity NESTA.

The £2.8 million challenge is funded by Nesta, in partnership with JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the Money and Pensions Service. It aims to find and support tools and services that improve access to jobs and money for people across the UK, focussing on those hardest hit by the economic shock resulting from COVID-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a considerable effect on businesses and workers across the country, and millions are now facing up to the consequences of a fragile economic climate and shrinking jobs-market.  Those hardest hit include low-paid workers, people in insecure roles and those under 25, and the challenge highlights the need to provide innovative solutions to support them to find and stay in employment.

The Rapid Recovery Challenge recognises the urgent need to support people at risk of losing their livelihoods and independence. It is keenly focused on providing vital access to employment opportunities and financial support to those affected by the regional and national effects of COVID-19, and will ensure successful solutions are sustainable for years to come.

At Embracing Future Potential, our mission is to provide access to information, advice and guidance for employment opportunities for those hit hardest by the pandemic. We have a network of websites, each tailored to the four main sectors of the workforce who are not fully supported by traditional employment channels.

We are well placed to encourage employers to connect with all those individuals at risk of being left behind, and in turn, ensure their staff and business reach their future potential. Whether you are a young person looking to find an apprenticeship, a student looking for an internship, a degree apprenticeship or a postgraduate job, an experienced professional looking to find out how to retrain or how to change career, or a disabled person looking for an accessible career, one of our sites has the guidance you need.

We are delighted to submit a bid for such a positive and pioneering scheme, and regardless of our own success, we are incredibly excited to see what other innovative solutions are developed as a result.

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