Does Your Business Attract a Diverse Range of Candidates?

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One of the most important questions we believe an organisation can ask themselves is whether they are doing enough to attract a diverse range of candidates to their organisation. While you may think that you are doing all that you can to encourage people to apply by advertising a job, but in reality, if you want a more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace, you have to take active steps to achieve that. 

Without realising, you as an employer will have unconscious biases, which means that you will favour some people over others due to societal stereotypes about certain groups of people. These unconscious biases can then slip into your job adverts, the messaging you put out as a business, and your overall work culture. This means you may be shutting yourself off from large groups of talent without even realising you are doing it. And these people are the ones who are least represented in high paid, meaningful careers. 

What can you do?  

Suppose you feel that your company has a specific culture that isn’t always welcoming to diversity, or you feel that only one type of person tends to apply for roles in your company. In that case, you need to do more to attract diverse candidates. Here are some of the things we suggest. 

Job Advert Inclusivity Screening 

Like our unconscious biases, we often use language that can exclude certain groups of people without realising it. When writing a job advert, it is essential that you are showing yourself as inclusive of all types of people and using the language to mirror this. Here at Embracing Future Potential, we offer a job advert inclusivity screening service to screen your job adverts against our criteria to see how inclusive the language is of protected characteristics such as gender, religion and sexuality. 

Encourage your staff to bring their whole selves to work. 

This is a straightforward way to ensure your company has a culture that values people for who they are and celebrates everybody’s differences. By encouraging staff not to hide any part of themselves and share parts of their personal lives at work, you show others that you are a tolerant and accepting organisation. 

Advertise on diverse jobs boards 

To reach diverse jobseekers, you need to advertise your jobs to ensure underrepresented job seekers know that you are actively seeking people like them to come and work in your organisations. There is no better way to do this than advertise your jobs on jobs boards specifically designed for those job seekers. Our network of websites each has a jobs board designed with a specific job seeker in mind. For example, job seekers know that all the jobs on Careers with Disabilities are available and supportive to them as a disabled person. 

Have a diverse recruitment team 

The simplest way to ensure that biases are not getting in the way of your recruitment process is by having a diverse recruitment team. This means having a whole range of ages, genders, races, abilities and personalities in hiring new people. One person’s stereotypes of what the recruit should look like don’t overshadow the process and result in a homogenous workplace. 


A great way to show job seekers and future employees that you are committed to having a diverse and inclusive staff is through accreditations. There are various accreditations aimed at helping employers support a specific cause or group of people. Some of the most well-known ones include the Disability Confident scheme, a government initiative aimed to help employers feel more confident when hiring somebody with a disability. 

If you need help meeting your diversity goals, get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can support your business. 

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