Diversity and Inclusion Employer Accreditations

Written by EFP

Are you an employer trying to take the following steps in your diversity and inclusion journey? Do you want to show job seekers that you actively seek to support a broader range of people and make your workplace inclusive for all? Then you should have a look at getting some diversity and inclusion accreditations. 

Accreditations are a great way to show that you are doing the work to support a specific group of people in your workplace and allow a more diverse range of job seekers to feel confident working for you. 

After joining the Embracing Future Potential network and showing yourself as a champion of diverse or early careers, you may be wondering what to do next. Have a read of our accreditation picks to see if your company can work towards them. 

1. Disability Confident 

The Disability Confident scheme is a government accreditation that helps employers show the world they are making changes for disabled people at work and making the most talented disabled employees across the UK. There are over 20,000 organisations with the Disability Confident accreditation in the UK, and it ensures that businesses are recruiting from the broadest pool of talent possible. 

Our site, Careers with Disabilities, can help you to progress through the different levels of the Disability Confident scheme. To find out more, visit our site. 

2. Clear Assured 

The Clear Company has its diversity and inclusion accreditation called Clear Assured, which they call the ‘The Global Inclusion Standard’. There are five stages to the accreditation, assuring that your business is doing all it can to create a fair and equal recruitment process and work environment. The accreditation also monitors the progress of your business against your diversity goals. 

3. Living Wage 

Living Wage is an organisation encouraging employers across the UK to pay their staff a wage calculated on the cost of living and promoting the idea of a fair wage. The Living Wage accreditation is a way for employers to show that they adopt this payment system and are committed to paying their staff what they deserve. To apply for the Living Wage accreditation, you must pay all of your directly employed staff the living wage. You can find information on the living wage on the government website. 

4. Stonewall Top 100 

This isn’t a direct accreditation that you can apply for, but a list created and awarded by a leading LGBTQ+ charity. If you earn a place on this list, you may use the Stonewall Top 100 logo to showcase to the public, other businesses and job seekers that you are a leading employer in terms of LGBTQ+ support. They compile the list based on workplace elements such as LGBTQ+ support networks, a company’s policies and benefits and the senior leadership team. 

5. The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 

Similarly to the Stonewall Top 100, this is a list compiled by The Times of the best employers for women. These organisations have shown they go above and beyond to champion the success of all women in their workplace and have demonstrated a genuine commitment to gender equality in all aspects of their work. 

To find out more about improving the diversity and inclusion of your business, head over to Aspiring to Include for a wealth of employer support resources. 

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