Covid-19: Industries That Have Flourished

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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, industries all over the world have been forced to change and adapt. Some industries- like healthcare and telecommunications- were able to stay afloat by acting quickly, while others- like tourism and agriculture- took much longer to recover. This blog post will explore how industries responded in order to survive this devastating pandemic that has left many people without jobs or homes. The covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe, forcing industries to halt production and close their doors. While some industries are still recovering from its effects, others have flourished despite it all! 

Healthcare Industry

If you read our last article, ‘Covid-19: Industries Hit Hardest’, then you might well be confused by the inclusion of the healthcare industry in this list. However, whilst the healthcare industry did face difficulties with their immense workload and stretched workforce, the surge caused by the covid pandemic meant that staff had more job security than ever, with very few healthcare workers being furloughed or laid off. Whilst NHS employees found themselves safe in their jobs but stretched to their limit, Covid provided huge numbers of student nurses with pathways into paid employment. These student nurses gained invaluable experience working on the frontline during one of the toughest periods of the NHS’ history, setting them in good stead for successful futures.  

Pharmaceuticals Industry

The pharmaceutical industry links in with the healthcare industry and has also seen a rise in demand for its services. Pharmaceutical companies have played a significant role in the pandemic, researching vaccines, diagnostics, technologies, and other treatments. The pharmaceutical industry has been one of the few industries to flourish due to the pandemic, so much so that some big pharmaceutical companies have seen stock market gains.  

E-Commerce Industry

 While people were forced to stay home and shops were closed during the national lockdown, it comes as little surprise that the online retail market is booming. Digital technology is having a more significant impact on our lives than ever before as people are looking to online retailers more and more often. The reopening of high-street shops did see some customers back in stores, while others have opted to continue shopping online due to its convenience and efficiency as well as the lingering concern over Covid-19. 

Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has seen a surge in popularity across all platforms since the start of the pandemic. With the entertainment industry forced into closures, people turned to forms of at-home entertainment to pass the time. While some high-profile game releases were hit by delays and conventions were cancelled, the bad still doesn’t outweigh the good for the gaming industry as global spending on digital games rose to its highest monthly total ever.  

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