A Guide for Employers: How to Write a Job Offer

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Knowing how to write a job offer is an essential part of being an employer. There are a few different ways to offer somebody a job and some essential details to remember, so we have put together this helpful guide.

What is a job offer? 

A job offer is a formal process of telling a candidate that you are selecting them for the role. You may have already told this person informally at the end of the interview that they have got the job, but you must send them a formal offer in the form of an email or letter with all the relevant information.

A job offer doesn’t just tell the person that they have been successful, and it also reminds them of the parameters of the role and under what conditions you are offering them the job. Typically, employers will ask this person to respond to the job offer to say whether they accept or decline the offer.

What to Include in a job offer?

You can decide how formal or informal to make the job offer and what additional information you will give them about the role. However, there are some things that you must include and helps the candidate to assess whether they want to accept the role.

These include:

  • Their name

  • Company name and location

  • Role offered

  • Job title

  • Job start date

  • Hours/work schedule (e.g. part-time)

  • Salary and when you will pay it (e.g. once a month)

  • Who they will be reporting to

  • A basic outline of the role, including responsibilities

  • If there are any conditions to the employment (e.g. accepting the terms, a qualification, satisfactory references etc.)

  • How the candidate can accept the role

Five things to remember when offering someone a job:

  1. Congratulate the candidate

Remember to congratulate the person for being successful in the application process!

  1. Start date

Make sure to think about the best time for them to start. Sometimes you need somebody to start straight away to help during a busy period, but in other cases, you might want to wait until you are starting a new project. You can also speak to the employee about when works for them. They may have to give a notice period in their current job.

  1. Accepting the offer

Do you need them to accept the offer by a specific date or in a certain period? If so, make sure to make it clear to the candidate how to accept the job and when they need to do it. This might be informally just replying to an email saying they accept, or you may need some formal documents from them.

  1. Phone calls

Some employers prefer to tell candidates they got the job over the phone or even in person. If this is you, you should consider whether you will send an email or letter first, then call them. Or if you would prefer to speak to them first, then make a formal offer.

  1. Salary

Have you already decided on a set salary for the role, or are you up for a discussion with the candidate? You need to make some decisions about the salary before you offer somebody a job and know what kind of questions to ask if you will consult the employee.

We hope this article helped you to know how to offer a job and gave you some useful tips. For more employer support and guidance, have a look at our news section.

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