5 Things to Remember When Returning to the Office

Written by EFP

As lockdown restrictions ease more and more, many employers and staff members are beginning to think about returning to the office. Many people have not worked in their office space since March 2020, which means this could be a big transition. Some people may feel excited about seeing colleagues and working more collaboratively, whereas others may feel nervous about the prospect. However you feel remember to always communicate with your team.   

Not everyone has been lucky enough to work at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, and many people have continued to work in public places. Here is what to remember when returning to the office:

1. Hybrid Working May Work Best for You  

Don’t put pressure on yourself to decide you either prefer to work at home or the office. For many people, a mixture of the two, or a hybrid style of working, will be the ideal combination; hybrid working gives people the chance to keep in contact and work together while still reaping some of the benefits of working from home. Bear this in mind when returning to the office and planning your and other’s schedules. 

2. Not Everyone Will Adjust at the Same Rate

You mustn’t put pressure on employees and colleagues to return to the office before they are ready. This has been an extremely challenging year, and everyone has had a different experience; some people returning to the office will make them feel anxious and worried. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage them to try it when they feel safe to do so, but just remember that not everybody adapts at the same rate, and it may take some people a little longer to adjust. 

3. Social Distancing  

One very important thing to remember is that while social distancing is still in place, not all staff members can be in at the same time. This might mean that you need to create a schedule or plan for when different people can come in. In this, you can incorporate which teams need to be in simultaneously or which people need to be in on certain days. If you are a big team, this may take a fair amount of planning, so make sure to think about it in advance. 

4. You Can Get Free Lateral Flow Tests for Your Business

One way in which the government is ensuring a safe return to the office is by offering free and regular covid-19 lateral flow tests for businesses and the general public. You can access these via the government website. If you are a manager or business owner, you should be encouraging your staff to test themselves regularly to ensure they aren’t putting anyone else at risk. 

5. It May Take Some Time to Find a New Routine

Finally, one very important thing to remember is that finding a new routine might be a challenge after a year of working from home. Some experts have warned of burnout in staff members who return to the office full-time too quickly. Try to remember that rest is essential and having a good work-life balance can make you more productive and content at work. 

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