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We have created Developing a Student as the essential guide for students, graduates or those who have left university early to take their next step in their careers, be that an internship, a summer job, a grad-scheme, a degree apprenticeship, graduate apprenticeship or more.

In past economic contractions, young people who have just left education find themselves being ignored in favour of more experienced applicants. The economic impact of coronavirus is hitting young people even harder, as not only are young people having to face an economic contraction but many of their usual employment opportunities come from sectors that have been shut down or have taken a massive financial hit.

Because of this, the number of 18-24 year olds claiming Universal Credit has doubled in the last three months, such that now they make up over a fifth of all claimants.

With 500,000 young people leaving university this year, and the scarring effect of the crisis looking to prolong difficulties for years, Developing a Student is aiming to prepare this generation for a market that is only going to get harder to navigate.

With numerous graduates on our team, we know first hand the difficulties of finding good opportunities, be that anything from work experience to full employment.

We also know that there are too many talented individuals being left behind by the traditional employment channels. Developing a Student is looking to bring together these young people with your business, to make sure that you both reach your future potential.

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