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Careers with Disabilities is the information and employment gateway for all those living with any kind of disability, as outlined by the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health.

There are numerous stigmas around the employment of people with disabilities, which has led to the vast underemployment of disabled people.

Exactly the same as people living without disabilities, disabled people have a diverse array of skills that can be left unnoticed by employers out of a fear of their business being inaccessible. For people with invisible disabilities, this stigma can force them to hide the fact that they have a disability when applying for jobs.

Careers with Disabilities demonstrates how accessibility is an accessible goal for all, provide guides for how you can take on disabled staff, and potentially dramatically improve your staff’s work life.

With access to guidance on making your business accessible to all, we can end the stigmas around employing disabled people and give you access to a wide pool of talented individuals who have been left behind by traditional employment channels.

Given our persistent interaction with local and regional government, we will also know how and when to apply for all new funding or schemes to make these changes even easier.

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