5 Best Resources For Inclusive Hiring [2023]

Written by Nicola Wylie

Hiring for diverse talent is a major priority for UK organisations in 2023. From better business results to improved work culture, diverse workplaces perform better overall. As a result, the demand for resources for inclusive hiring is at an all-time high. 

More and more companies are seeking equal employment opportunity tools and resources to drive their diversity recruitment strategies. With so many at stake, these tools are a worthwhile investment for employers looking to optimise their DEI efforts.

This guide rounds up 5 of the best workplace inclusivity resources in 2023.


What Is Inclusive Hiring?

Inclusive hiring is the practice of recruiting candidates using a fair, merit-based system. The aim is to provide equal opportunities for employees, regardless of race, age, gender, physical ability, or any other protected characteristic. Inclusive hiring results in a more diverse workforce that values, respects, and empowers employees from all walks of life.

It’s important to note that inclusive hiring is about more than just complying with anti-discrimination laws and regulations. But rather, it’s a proactive approach to attracting, retaining, and promoting employees from underrepresented or marginalised groups.

By creating a more diverse talent pipeline, employers can reap many benefits. These include enhanced productivity, innovation, and staff engagement. 

Next up: We explore the resources for inclusive hiring all UK companies need in 2023.


5 Top Resources For Inclusive Hiring In 2023

Diverse scouting, inclusive language, blind recruiting…staying on top of the latest practices can be challenging for businesses. However, the results are worth it. 

Not only will these tools boost your inclusive hiring efforts, but they will help you create a better employee experience. In turn, your company can boost its reputation and position itself as a leader in its industry.

These five resources for inclusive hiring should be on every company’s wish list this year.

1. Inclusivity screening services

Words matter. So, promoting and enforcing inclusive language in the workplace is key. Non-inclusive wording in job descriptions and careers pages can deter talented candidates from applying to your company. And uninclusive language within the company (policies, meetings, water-cooler chats) can push employees out the door.

But, how can your organisation promote inclusive language? Your best bet is to enlist the support of inclusivity screen tools or services. For example, our team of experts runs comprehensive job ad screening to analyse how inclusive your listings are. Then, we offer advice and suggestions to help you tweak the language and remove barriers.

By investing in inclusivity screening services, you ensure that all candidates feel welcome to apply to your company. The same goes for other policies and web pages. We work with employers to assess and improve the language they use across the business, helping them become more inclusive and accommodating.

Find out more about our inclusivity screening services →

2. Diverse jobs boards

One of the biggest mistakes employers make in their recruitment process is advertising in the wrong places. If your goal is to reach a more diverse talent pool, it’s time to rethink your advertising strategy.

Using diverse job boards and recruitment partners can help your company connect candidates from underrepresented and marginalised groups. As a result, you can build a broader pipeline of diverse talent.

Our network connects employers with diverse candidates across the UK:

  • Aspiring to Include: Resource hub and job board for diverse, underrepresented groups and inclusive employers.
  • Careers with Disabilities: Dedicated job board and advice hub for job seekers with disabilities and disability-friendly employers.
  • Refreshing a Career: Resource centre and job board for career changers and employers of older workers. 

Our network also includes dedicated resource hubs and job boards for students and graduates and apprentices.

Each site offers opportunities for employers to advertise their job listings and connect with talented job seekers. 

3. Diversity tracking software

Diversity tracking software is one of the best resources for inclusive hiring in 2023. Why? Because these tools allow employers to measure the impact of their inclusive recruitment practices. 

Using these talent management solutions, you can set DEI goals, track progress, and monitor performance related to inclusive hiring. In addition, many of these tools provide features to track applicants and ensure the recruitment process is free from bias.

As an employer, you can track core diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics and identify where changes to your hiring practices are needed. What’s more, you can pull reports to visualise business trends, demographics, and equal opportunity performance.

4. Learning Management System (LMS)

One of the biggest barriers to inclusive hiring is accommodating different candidates’ needs. For instance, employees with disabilities may face obstacles commuting to the office, finding parking near the building, or securing childcare.

This issue continues after the selection process, making it difficult for new hires to attend onboarding or training sessions. That’s where an LMS can help. An LMS is a learning platform that allows companies to move all training activities (including onboarding) online. As a result, your company can create a more accessible experience that caters to the varying needs of employees.

In addition, providing remote working options and training allows candidates from all over the UK to apply for opportunities in your organisation. 

5. Diversity screening tools

No matter how much training or what policies you implement, unconscious bias can trickle into decision-making processes. As such, many organisations now use diversity screening tools to ensure they are selecting candidates as fairly as possible.

These blind screening tools provide applicants with a skills-based quiz and create a shortlist of candidates for the next step of the process. While they aren’t a perfect solution, these tools are a great way to stay accountable and ensure your recruitment decisions aren’t clouded by bias.


How EFP Can Help You Reach Your DEI Goals

Achieving your DEI objectives takes time and effort, but these resources for inclusive hiring can help you reach your goals faster. From removing barriers to training to monitoring DEI metrics, these tools are smart investments for your company in 2023.

Our experts offer an array of employer services to support your organisation in enhancing inclusive recruitment practices. From job ad inclusivity screening to advertising opportunities on our inclusive jobs boards, we provide tailored packages to help you meet your objectives.

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